• All clients will be served strictly by appointment between 0830 and 1230 hours during weekdays. The appointment system is designed to ensure that clients do not exceed the allowable congregation thresholds at the Consulate, as set by the host Government under social distancing protocols.

  • A maximum of (250) clients will be assisted per day at this point. The selection criteria would be based on first come- first served basis.

  • The confirmation of appointment should be presented at the security checkpoint in order to be granted passage into the premises.

  • Time slots are neither interchangeable nor transferable. (Clients are therefore, advised to strictly adhere to the allotted time slots.) 

  • Clients who show up at the Consulate without a confirmation of appointment will not be allowed into the premises.

  • 4:00 am - 8:30 am appointments will be attended between 8:30 am til 12:00 pm

  •  If you need service for more than one family member, you must book them individually, one after the other and putting personal information of the person being booked for.Should you get any message of your booking appointment being re-scheduled to another date, please ignore such re-scheduling message and stick to the original booked appointment sent on email of sms.

  • Bring print out of your appointment confirmation you received on your email.

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