Appointments Johannesburg Consulate Office

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​Following the pronouncement by the President of the Republic of South Africa, His Excellency Cyril Ramaphosa, on 27 June 2021, moving South Africa from Adjusted Alert Level Three (3) to Adjusted Alert Level Four (4), the Consulate has been compelled to CANCEL ALL THE APPOINTMENTS SCHEDULED FOR THE PERIOD 1 JULY TO 2 SEPTEMBER 2021.


Regrettably, due to circumstances beyond control, the Consulate will not be in a position to reschedule these appointments. As such, clients are required to make fresh bookings.


Please take note of the following important information RELATING TO BOOKINGS:

  • Appointments will only apply to clients seeking Birth Certificate and Passport application services.

  • The appointments are not transferrable. Service will only be provided to the individual whose name has been confirmed for the appointment.

  • Accompanied children are required to have individual appointments too. (Parents or legal guardians are therefore strongly advised to separately reserve bookings for minors requiring services).

  • The appointment should be made using the minor’s identity details and not the parent’s details.

  • Printed confirmation of appointment should be presented at the
    Consulate Security Checkpoint in order to be granted passage into the premises. Electronic confirmations will not be considered.

  • Clients are strongly advised to adhere to the allocated time given the need to manage the number of people within the Consulate premises at any given time. EARLY ARRIVALS WILL BE TURNED BACK.

  • This booking platform will open for new weekly bookings every Wednesday at 1600hrs.

  • Number limits will be constantly revised in line with lockdown regulations set by the host government at each given time.

  • Appointments are free of charge.